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The Tactical Advantage

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

We love organizations. We love being a part of them, watching them, leading them, fixing them. Whether they are large or small, complex or simple, at their core, all organizations are a study of human relationships. They exhibit the power of human connectivity to do so many things from solving complex problems to creating products to providing services to waging wars and even governing nations. Small businesses, in particular, are a microcosm of these same systems and processes designed to bring services and products to the marketplace. However, these seemingly straightforward processes often get derailed by the divergent talents, weaknesses, and motivations of human nature. Despite our best efforts, we all fall at different points on the competency and experience spectrum. Our ability to perform day in and day out is affected by our unique ambitions, DNA, or even how late we stayed out the night before. Sprinkle in the power of money and things get real serious real fast.

We have observed these relationship and interpersonal dynamics play out in a lot of different scenarios. We know how visceral business can be when you are self-employed or operating a small family enterprise. We have been a part of large corporate organizations with so many layers you couldn’t see the top. We have been in small businesses that were striving to grow into that next level and out of the start-up phase. We have been in non-profit organizations where resources were scarce and more always needed to be done with less. We have seen the added stressors of high pressure on organizations in combat and military training environments. In many of these scenarios we bore the responsibility of leadership and were charged with bringing order out of the chaos. We were expected to complete the mission as articulated in the war room or the board room and bring the talents of all of our people to bear in the process. It is out of the training ground of these experiences and observations that we want to create a tactical advantage for you, as small business leaders.

It seems that many small business leaders are riding solo. For some of you, your organizations are a necessary component for bringing your product or service to market but are not really your first love. For others, you don’t have the time to work on your business because you are already burning the candle at both ends working in your business. And any help that might be available is inaccessible, irrelevant, expensive, or a combination of the three.

Well, don’t worry because you are exactly who we want to help. While the organization may not be your first love, it is ours. We love identifying and solving problems, strategizing for future growth, and motivating, training, and creating team synergy so everyone can accomplish the mission. We know that everyone – especially leaders - needs a team around them to fill in their gaps and multiply their effort. What can be accomplished with all of us is so much greater than what can be accomplished with any one of us. What makes us different is that we aren’t here to just pass on our opinion, make distant observations, or drop nuggets of wisdom. We want to get tactical. We want to help you identify the issues AND create a battle plan to solve them. For us, the next step is always the action step.

So if you are a small business owner or a business leader who is tired of going it alone, we’ve got your back. If you are looking for the problem AND how to implement the solution, we have you covered. If you are ready to lead your business to the next level, we are ready to help you and give you the advantage. The tactical advantage.

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