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CLIENT: Little Foxes Marketing, LLC


INDUSTRY: Strategic Marketing for Higher Education


Tim and Elizabeth of Little Foxes Marketing (LFM) had proven their business model and were already in a strong cash position after only 1.5 years in business. However, they had spent their entire existence focused solely on chasing down any work they could find and subsequently servicing these clients. They were exhausted. They realized that they needed change and focused direction for the company to build a sustainable operation but they were so close to the problem it was difficult to critically analyze their situation.




Owning a business can get lonely and sometimes you just need someone to give you a different perspective, hold you accountable, and walk down the path with you for a while. From a once-a-month phone call to regular meetings to the full five-phase coaching system, we will develop a plan based on the level of interaction and accountability your circumstances require.


Through initial discovery conversations, Josh (TABS) was able to build shared understanding about their business and pain points. Josh proposed an on-site strategy day to take LFM through a strategic planning process that would allow them to clarify and define their business, where they wanted to go for the future, and how to get there.


Josh met LFM at their offices for a day and led them through a process to develop their Vision Statement and Future Vision Alternatives. Then they conducted a Current Reality Assessment and Gap Analysis in order to select the best Future Vision for LFM. Once the future was established, they then began selecting tactics and setting goals to bring the strategy into reality. After the on-site meeting, Josh completed a Strategy Day Meeting Summary to capture the conversation and then created the Strategic Operational Plan with the tactics, goals, and timelines to enable LFM to implement the plan.


Josh and LFM continue to work together on implementation support and accountability to ensure that the plan is executed and results in positive change and growth for LFM.

"We were so focused on growing and servicing, we didn't realize our head was constantly down..."

"Josh was able to understand our business, identify our pain points, and outline a structure that would allow us to establish...goals for our company, along with the action steps to get there."

“Our time with Josh saved us thousands of dollars and countless hours by helping us determine what we wanted to do with our company and what success really looked like. It let us focus on what really mattered.”    


– Tim, CEO of Little Foxes Marketing

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Strategic Plan for the Future
Organizational Clarity & Focus
Cost Savings/New Opportunities
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